How Does a Decanter Centrifuge Works

Published: 07th September 2010
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Before understanding the working of decanter centrifuge we should firstly know what the centrifuge exactly is. Decanter centrifuge is used to extracting solids from liquids when they are mixed together. Almost in every industry there is a need to separate solid from the decanter centrifuge has become an essential thing in every industry. But in oil industry, chemical industry, food processing industry and water treatment plants industry it has become the basic thing without which these industries cannot run. There are several kinds of decanter centrifuges, such as:

Vertical, horizontal, or scroll (conveyor). Decanter centrifuges works basically on the gravitational separation process theory. If you talk a glass of water mixed with mud or any solid material, and put it on some place without moving it, you will notice after some time that mud has settled down on the base of the glass and water is separated in the upper area of the glass and liquid and solid got separated. How that happened. The principle working behind this is gravitational force which leads to separation of solid from liquid.

Decanter centrifuge works on the same principle. And higher gravitational forces are produced by continuous rotation to separate the solids from liquid. Decanter centrifuge speeds up the process of separation by increasing the force of gravity by 1000 to 4000 times. The result is the process that used to take hours now can be done in seconds with the help of decanter centrifuge.

Decanter centrifuge works on the fluid by spinning a vessel containing the mixture to be separated at a very high speed to produce high gravitational forces. It resembles the rides at the fairgrounds that rotate at high speed which makes you lean towards the corner area to overcome the gravitational forces caused by rotation. Same technology is applied in decanter centrifuge. Decanter centrifuge consists of a vessel, called as bowl tube which rotates at a very high speed .inside the bowl tube there is a screen conveyor which rotates in the same direction but at different speed. A gear is used to differentiate speed between the two. There is a step by step working

•The material or slurry is loaded in the decanter centrifuge through a stationary pipe which is connected to screw conveyor.

•The slurry moves into the feed compartment located inside the conveyor and forced through a nozzle into bowl section.

•After that bowl begins to rotate at a very high speed and gravitational forces are produced.

•Within seconds these gravitational forces causes the solids to separate from the liquid.

•The screw conveyor moves the solid to the uppermost area where they are discharged through a nozzle.

•A clear liquid flows out from the other end.

Decanter centrifuge is mainly used in wastewater treatment plants. There are many advantages of decanter centrifuges. Like decanter equipments are easy to install and they do not require any foundation. Also it gives huge saving of time and efforts.

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